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I am an artist. I have been a working artist all my life. I have spent the last 30 years perfecting my skills, creating art, reproducing art and showing my artwork. I am used to working with deadlines. 




  • Vistra Framing and Gallery 

  • 411 West 4th Ave, Eugene Oregon 97401 

  • June 2014 until August 30 2022

  • Fine Art Printer ~ Color correction and fine art reproduction using Canon Cameras,  Epson 10,000 XL Scanner, Photoshop, Camera Raw, Epson 4900 printer, Epson 9900 printer Epson 10,000 printer Canon 4100, and the Canon 6100 printer. To ensure the most accurate fine art reproduction  for our local artist. 


  • The U of O Printmaking Department

  • Eugene, OR ~ Oct, 2013 – Dec, 2013

  • Work Study Program ~ I mixed speedball printing ink and properly handled silk screen emulsion. I  also cleaned and maintained the printing presses and soaking tank. 


  • Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art 

  • Eugene, OR ~ Apr, 2011 – June, 2011

  • Art Prepper ~ I know the proper handling procedure for fine art and artifacts as well as how to handle art that arrives in crates and how to unpack and document all stages of the procedure and installing security hangers for art in a show. Here I also matted fine art using archival tape and mounts.


  • La Follette Gallery and Framing

  • Eugene, OR ~ Feb, 2002 – Nov, 2009

  • Framer and Designer ~ Expert in building frames, cutting, fitting, and designing presentations for fine art work. I am practiced in techniques for archival mounting as well as vacuum mounting and tea hinges. I am a well versed technician, having used routers, guillotine chopper to cut molding and wood fillets, a Wizard Cutter, and underpinners.   I have set up multiple arrangements and art layouts for presentation in a gallery. 




The Art Institute of Seattle 

Seattle, WA ~ Sept, 1991 – Sept, 1993

Associates of Applied Arts Degree in Illustration and Graphic Design


The University of Oregon

Eugene, OR ~ Sept 2010 – Dec, 2013 

Bachelors of Science in Art  ~My primary focus was art – including, painting, printing, silk screen, fabric design, as well as three dimensional installation pieces and other art media.  In addition, I excelled in math and marine biology and related skills. 



  • Photoshop, Indesign, Camera Raw, Exl, Word, Imageprint, 

  • Mac and PC

  • Epson printers 4900, 9900, 10000, P5000

  • Canon printer 4100, 6100

  • Epson 10000XL Scanner

  • Printing press 

  • Workhorse silk screen press 

  • Reduction lino, woodblock cut, jigsaw cut 

  • Etching, drypoint aquatint 

  • Painting watercolor, acrylics, oil

Wood Panel

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